Iconic Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen Announces Closure

Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen announced its closure

You’ll have until July 7th to visit iconic Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen for their famous rabbit tostadas. Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen is the latest Napa Valley restaurant to announce its closure. Over the past couple of months, iconic Napa Valley restaurants Hurley’s and Terra have closed. However, unlike Terra, who cited staffing issues as part of the reasons for their closure, Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen is closing because chef and owner Cindy Pawlcyn received an “offer she couldn’t refuse.”

Chef Pawlcyn opened Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in 2002 off of St. Helena’s Main Street on Railroad Avenue. The restaurant became a staple for its classic wine country cuisine. She still owns and operates the original Mustards Grill in Yountville on Highway 29 and plans to open a satellite location at San Francisco International Airport later this year.

Due to the ongoing negotiations with the buyer that includes the location’s liquor license, the staff was not notified until Monday ahead of today’s announcement. The restaurant’s 40 employees will either be relocated to Mustards Grill in Yountville or will find other employment throughout Napa Valley. As for the space, Chef Pawlcyn says the new owner is “a respected friend and local entrepreneur with a sound business offer.”

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