JumpStart bodyfuel: Artisan-Crafted Chocolate Bar

Jumpstart Chocolate Bar

Put aside all your expectations about gluten-free, vegan snacks, and bite into JumpStart bodyfuel’s artisan crafted Chocolate Bar. The taste of molasses is most prominent, while cacao and vegan cocoa chips lend a subtle hint of chocolate. After the first bite (quickly followed by a second), it’s easy to forget any initial expectations and enjoy the subtle sweetness and pleasing texture. The mix of molasses with organic unsweetened dark cacao results in a flavor that’s just sweet enough, but not overly so. Whole grain raw oats provide a slight crunch and satisfying heft. For snackers in need of a vegan or gluten-free choice, this bar could be your new best friend. And even non-vegan, gluten-eaters would enjoy this as an afternoon snack. At 180 calories, it’s a healthier choice than can be found in most vending machines, and it’s satisfying enough to get you through that mid-afternoon slump. Try their other flavors too, including apple, apricot, cranberry and date.

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