Metallica’s Guitarist Kirk Hammett and Dark Matter Coffee Rock A New Coffee Blend

Dark Matter Coffee Ghoul Screamer Coffee

What happens when you blend the emotional jolt of heavy metal music and the physical pick-me-up of an extra shot of coffee? You get Dark Matter Coffee’s new Ghoul Screamer, a collaboration between Kirk Hammett, his guitar pedal company KHDK, and the Chicago based coffee chain. According to Dark Matter Coffee, the blend is far from an ordinary blend. The description reads, “Only warriors of the sacred caffeine-to-blood ratio will wield the power of Ghoul Screamer, a fully fermented brew with waves of untamed punch. Those unworthy will be consumed by its force,”.

Dark Matter has released a YouTube Video ( showcasing the process behind the blend including Kirk Hammett testing different coffees. “This is what I imagine coffee should be, always,” he says. “This is better than Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.”

The blend got a “triple thumbs up” from Hammett, so you know he had a personal stake in choosing the blend for the Ghoul Screamer. The colorful Bag artwork is from Daniel Kurz, with design by Jennifer Ferguson.

Coffee Profile:
Country: El Salvador
Farm: Santa Petrona
Farm: Santa Barbara
Cultivar: Bourbon
Process: Honey

Country: El Salvador
Farm: Las Marias
Cultivar: Pacas
Process: Natural
Notes: Apricot, Praline, Mulling Spice

Available at for $18.00 per 12oz.


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