ReturnMe – World’s Largest Lost and Found Company – Review

ReturnMe Luggage Tag

Every experienced traveler knows the possibility of losing a bag or item while traveling. Increasingly, items left behind at security checkpoints, in hotels, planes, taxis, restaurants, and anywhere else people travel have become commonplace. What’s surprising is that in most cases, there’s no way to identify or contact the owners, leading to unclaimed items being sold or discarded instead of reuniting items with their rightful owners.

ReturnMe has come up with a solution to help owners reclaim lost property while safeguarding their privacy and incentivizing those who find lost items with gift cards.

The process is easy and straightforward. The consumer selects from a variety of ReturnMe Tags, including customizable luggage tags, pet tags, and key tags starting under $10.00. Each tag has a unique ID # and does not include any personal information. Once registered, the tag links to the ReturnMe database, protecting the privacy of the owner. Finders can call a toll-free number or use the ReturnMe website to report the lost item. ReturnMe offers a reward that motivates the finder to contact ReturnMe as soon as possible, easing the return of the item at no cost to the finder or the owner.

ReturnMe Luggage Tag
ReturnMe Luggage Tag
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