Top tips for traveling with pets

Summer Pet Travel Tips

It’s great to take your pet along on vacation, but pets require special treatment during the heat of summer to protect them from dehydration, heat stroke, and other warm weather ailments. Here are some summertime pet tips from NHV Natural Pet Products, makers of veterinarian-approved and formulated plant-based natural supplements from organically grown and wild crafted herbs, to keep your cats and dogs safe during summer travel:

Road trip!

Give pets a small meal 2 hours prior to traveling in the car. This will help alleviate car sickness. Secure pets safely in carriers that are large enough to move around in and are well ventilated. Make frequent rest stops for walks. Start NHV Matricalm up to 1 week before the trip and during the trip to help calm and reduce agitation in pets. It’s all natural, and it’s also safe for long-term use.

Hydrate Well

Wherever you go, ensure that your pets have access to water at all times. Keep water fresh and cool if possible (place dish in the shade or place ice cubes in the water). Put out multiple bowls on really hot days. When traveling with your pet, always carry a compact portable pet water bowl.

Don’t Leave Me in the Car

Do not leave your pets in the car even if it is just for a couple minutes and the windows are down or if it is running with the air conditioning on. Temperatures elevate quickly in vehicles and it only takes minutes to cause irreversible organ damage or worse.

Tick and Flea Battles

If you’ll be outdoors a lot, remember that furry pets are at risk of contracting tick-borne infections like Lyme disease. Comb for fleas daily and treat their bedding with citrus extract spray (steep lemon slices in water overnight and then use the lemon infused water as a spray). Use NHV Target Spray to help keep flea, lice, ticks and mosquitoes off of your pets – it is all-natural and works quickly. It’s a must-have summer tool.


Hot weather, insect bites and sweat often makes pets scratch aggressively, leading to hotspots. Keep NHV All Clear Ointment handy. It soothes inflamed skin and reduces itching. It is all natural so there’s no fear of the pet licking it, though you might want to let the cream soak in properly before your pet starts biting the spot.

Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Excessive panting, reddish tongue, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea are all signs of heat stroke. If you notice any of these, get your pet to a cool shaded area immediately. Soak a towel in lukewarm or moderately cool water and wrap your pet in it. And rush to a vet.

Cooling Off Aids

If it gets scorching hot where you are, if possible get your pet a kiddy pool or a sprinkler. You want to give them a hydrated cool spot to sit in. If you notice your pet getting restless because of the heat, place a wet towel under his or her body. On hot summer days, this is more comfortable than their warm bedding or the hot floor.

Humidity isn’t just hard on hair

When the humidity is high, it can cause a pet’s temperature to rise because they become unable to cool themselves. Body temperatures can rise very quickly and become dangerous. Be sure to keep your pet indoors or out of the hot sun.

Made in the Shade

Many cats and dogs love to bask in the sun, but too much time in the sun can cause heat stroke and even increase the risk of developing skin cancers. Be sure to provide your furry friends with a shady area to retreat to, especially if they are in an enclosure. Also be aware that pets can get sunburns and burns too – ear tips are sensitive to the sun, paw pads are sensitive to hot surfaces, etc. To help protect and soothe paw pads, try NHV Heal Care Ointment for cats and dogs.

Circulate Indoors

If your lodging does not have air conditioning, ensure that you have some sort of airflow/ventilation. Even a slight breeze will be appreciated by your furry friend. If possible elevate their bed so that air can get underneath – you could try a cat hammock. Please note that fans do not cool pets as well as they do for us humans, so do not rely on a fan only.

Walk with care

Exercise will need to be limited on especially hot days. Try to go for walks or have play time early in the morning or later in the evening when it is cooler and try to keep the exertion level lower. Instead of using the sidewalk, go on the grass, it will be easier on their paws. Make sure to keep a bottle of water for yourself and your pet when you go for a walk. During the summer, joints are prone to becoming more swollen than usual, which can sometimes be caused by water retention. Use NHV Turmeric twice daily to help reduce inflammation and pain.

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