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I know what you’re thinking. Wine from a can? Seriously? Are we witnessing a throwback to Bartles and Jaymes Wine Coolers? No real wine drinker would drink wine from a can! Certainly, no winemaker would spend the time to make a good wine and then put it in a can where it could be guzzled like a beer. I may have been guilty of some of these thoughts myself. However, quality wine from a can exists and makes sense for both the consumer and the winemaker for a variety of reasons.

If you haven’t seen canned wines at your local wine store or grocery store yet, soon you will. Canned wines are perfect for your summertime excursion to the beach, river, pool, park or concert venues where glass isn’t allowed.  Cans also allow for great flexibility when it comes to how much wine you want to sip. If you are drinking alone, or if one person is a red drinker and the other drinks only white, or if you want different wines with different courses for dinner, then a canned wine gives you that flexibility.  A 12 oz standard can is equivalent to a half bottle of wine, or 2 generous glasses. Even better, cans are eco-friendly with a carbon footprint smaller than glass bottles and more options for recycling.  They also take up less space, are lighter, and cost less.

Of course, none of these things matter if the wine doesn’t taste good. After all, this is the reason we drink wine. We taste-tested various canned wines.  We even offered some to our tasters without telling them first that they were drinking canned wine. A small side note about drinking canned wines—we do suggest that you drink them out of a cup or GOVINO® drinkware instead of drinking directly out of the can, which does mute some of the flavors.  These are our top picks.

Alloy Wine Works Central Coast NV Chardonnay

Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Chardonnay

This nonvintage chardonnay has a rich, lovely mouthfeel with traditional Chardonnay aromas and flavors of fresh apples, lemon curd and citrus.

$26.00 per 4 pack 12 oz cans available at fieldrecordingswine.com

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