White Wine Emoji May Be One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

White Wine Emoji Wanted

The use of the emoji has become so prolific over the past few years that it has become a standard form of communication. They have become so universally popular that there are thousands of merchandise products available from t-shirts to smartphone chargers. There has even been an animated movie made about them. There seems to be an emoji for just about everything except for white wine. Over the past couple of years, wineries such as Flora Springs, Fetzer and Kendall Jackson have vigorously petitioned for the creation of the white wine emoji. Yet, there still is no official white wine emoji. However, that injustice may change in the very near future.

After years of trying, Kendall Jackson is making their case to directly to Unicode, the international governing body that coordinates and sets global coding standards. Kendall Jackson has submitted a 15-page proposal that outlines the need for a white wine emoji to join the red wine, two glass flutes of sparkling wine, cups of saké, martini, bourbon and tiki cocktail emojis, that currently exist. It states, “The existing wine glass emoji, depicted as a glass of red wine, does not properly represent one of the most popular and widely consumed adult beverages—white wine.” Interested in reading the complete proposal submitted by Kendall Jackson: http://www.unicode.org/L2/L2018/18208-white-wine-rgi.pdf

Along with the proposal, Kendall Jackson has created a a new website www.WhiteWineEmoji.net. The website teases more information on August 2, 2018. In the meantime, you can support the cause by using the hashtag: #WhiteWineEmoji

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