Wine of the Week: 2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay

Bee's Box Chardonnay 2016 Wine of The Week

The Bee’s Box story begins like most good winery stories: What first seemed like a problem soon became an opportunity to grow. In this case, the problem was a swarm of bees at the Virginia Dare Winery. Unsure of how to handle this situation on a property full of guests, winery staff did what anyone would do – they Googled a solution. And so, with a brand-new bee suit donned by one brave staff member, a YouTube video, and more than one glass of wine, they set out to create their very own bee’s box and rehome the swarm on their property, keeping everyone safe, guests and insects alike.

The winery staff quickly became attached to their new little friends, and they soon learned about serious issues affecting bees across the country, including habitat loss, disease, and overuse of pesticides. Staff wanted to help make a difference for the little pollinators who chose the winery for a home. Since Virginia Dare Winery was already passionate about all aspects of sustainability, staff decided to collaborate with the bees and Bee’s Box Wine was born. Today, Virginia Dare Winery gives back 10% of the profits from Bee’s Box to organizations fighting to protect these little pollinators who have sustained us for so very long. So, let’s fight the good fight together, a glass of wine in hand, and say cheers to good food, fine wine, and our beautiful bee friends.

2016 Bee’s Box Chardonnay

Bee's Box 2016 Chardonnay Bottle

The aroma is bright and attractive, with hints of citrus, pineapple, honeydew melon accented by vanilla and oak undertones. Soft on the palate, its flavors are juicy and vibrant with a round mouthfeel. Vanilla crème, baking spices, [glossary_exclude]baked[/glossary_exclude] apple with a touch of oak leads to a smooth finish.


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